Is it Finally Tim Tebow’s Time?

Every kid who has ever picked up a football, has dreamed of playing quarterback in the NFL. I know that I did. It didn’t matter if you were a better fit for playing on the line of scrimmage, nothing compared to throwing a forty-yard bomb down field for the winning score. I was hooked from the moment I watched my first game. My uncle taught me how to play the position I was kid. He taught me how to drop back with the ball up high, eyes down field looking for an open receiver. In fact, my uncle taught me everything about the game starting with the fundamentals, even how to pull like a guard, butt down, leading with my elbow. But I digress. I was more interested in emulating Tony Dorsett than Doug Williams, but if I had the chance to do it over again, I would probably focus on football’s most visible position.

That memory of my uncle is one reason I hope Tim Tebow gets a chance to fulfill his dream. What’s ironic is that I’ve never considered him to be a very good quarterback, but I’ve always respected his passion for the game. It’s a passion that I think has been missing from the game for a while. I remember when he became a household name at the University of Florida after scoring the game winning touchdown against Southern Mississippi. My opinion at the time was that Tebow’s presence was forced upon the team by head coach Urban Meyer, after all the Gators had a very capable and talented in quarterback in Chris Leak. After Leak’s departure Tebow became a force to be reckoned with in spite of his elongated throwing motion and questionable arm strength. His dedication to his team and leadership abilities overshadowed his flaws, at least at the collegiate level.

When the Denver Broncos made Tim Tebow their number one pick I thought that first-year head coach Josh McDaniel had lost his mind. When the Broncos reeled off seven straight wins to make the playoffs then beat Pittsburgh to advance, there was no denying his uncanny ability to make plays when it counted. Nevertheless despite his accomplishments the Broncos choose let him go the following year; granted he was replaced by Peyton Manning, I just thought he had done enough to warrant consideration as a backup.

The Eagles and head coach Chip Kelly have made some very interesting moves this off season and it remains to be seen just how Tebow fits, if in fact he is being signed to compete as a quarterback. I just hope he gets a fair chance and if it doesn’t that he has an opportunity to play another position if he accepts the circumstances. I often wonder if the latter is why he is not on an NFL roster, if it is his insistence on playing quarterback. Time will tell.

The draft is only a few days away and soon another NFL season will be upon us. Maybe Tebow will have a role, maybe not, I just hope he gets a fair chance.